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I'm a native Washingtonian and Trapped inside a female's body is a book about my life. I reside in the Largo, Maryland area and graduated from Largo Sr. High school in 1981. While working part time, I attended Prince George's College on a part time basis. After 22 years of working in the field of Law enforcement as a Special Police officer and an armed D.C. Correctional Transportation Officer, I'm now disabled and sharring the trials and tribulations of my past life. Once you read it, you will see how much I've changed from the 80's. It's an eye opening of what I really went through.
"Starring in that role was hard and uncomfortable. As years passed, I convinced myself into believing I was really a boy. I was exclusively attracted to females. I changed my appearence and even changed the tone of my voice to portray the male image. My family thought I was going through a tomboy phase. Deep inside, those were my inner feelings, and they were not going to change."

Toney Rowe, from
Trapped inside a female's body
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.           TRAPPED INSIDE A FEMALE'S BODY by Toney Rowe
In 1963, I was born a female. While attending elementary school, I was molested by a male cousin. After being molested over time and time, it was really hard and scary for me being close and around males.  In the late seventies, I found myself attracted to females. In the late eighties, I changed my name to be more masculine.

It became a really dangerous journey, trying to hide the real me. Once rumors began to circulate that I was really a female, and someone threatened to kill me, I had to realize that it was time to find my true self.

            Trapped inside a female's body is not fiction. This is a true story of my life

                             (some parts of my book has erotic details)
Book released on April 19,2011
My book is dedicated to Teena Brandon (Boys don't cry movie) whom lived the same life I lived, growing up with a indentity issue.
R.I.P Brandon, whom was killed by people who found out the truth about her. 

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